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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I acknowledge my addiction...

For some it's smoking, drinking, drugs, sex...it comes in many ways.
For me...what gives me that high, that special feeling, the extasy...the sudden smile on my face...
(I could be talking about someone in particular...that also does the trick and is SOOO much better, but let's be more general)

FLIRTING...I Need it! Of course this is the next best thing to actually dating, but that's a whole other story, a much more complicated one that can't be satisfied with a stranger blinking his eye at you!
...But no...it won't do if it's any random person...of course they have to appeal to me...a coke addict doesn't sniff flour...it gives no high!...So what I need is to have someone to flirt with. I may even not want anything more than that with him...but I need it!

Someone to try to impress, someone to make me blush, to make me laugh, to make me giggle inside. I need it and when there is no one around to do it, I get anxious, stressed, my spirit isn't as bubbly, I think to damn much about someone I would like to more than flirt...It basically sucks!
I need some flirting to be 100% sane...so please...for my mental health...where do all you so flirtable guys hang out???

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