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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chuck and Blair...at last

Blaire: What are you still doing here, Chuck? I threw you out hours ago.
Chuck: I wanted to let you know the treaty is over.
Blair: Fine with me. This pretense of civility… was exhausting.
Chuck: Being amicable isn’t in our blood. I’ve realized we’re not friends. Friends have to like each other. And after what happened tonight, I could never like you —
Blair: I could never like you either.
(Takes one very loud step forward. Cont’d)
In fact, I hate you.
Chuck: I’ve never hated anyone more.
Blair: Every nerve ending in my body is electrified. By hatred.
Chuck: There is a fiery pit of hate burning inside me, ready to explode.
(Steps forward.)
Blair: So, it’s settled then.
Chuck: We’re settled.

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